Homecare device manufactured based on domestic LED laser manufacturing technology

기본 정보
Model: PAV-3000
Function: Optical rejuvenate skin care device
Components: 1 main unit, USB Type-C cable, protective goggles, User Manual
Weight: Main unit: 207g / Stand: 100g / Total weight: 306g
Dimensions: Main unit: 80 x 130 x 35mm / Stand: 80 x 80 x 46mm
Materials: Main unit: ABS, PC / Stand: ABS, STEEL
Power rating: 3.6 V, 2,850 mAh (lithium battery)
Power consumption: 9W
Charging power: DC 5V, 2A
Country of origin: Republic of Korea
Year·month of manufacture: Separately marked
Manufacturer·Seller: PAKERS Co.,Ltd.

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